Conner Rapp Mathias Brendel Nina C. Alice Jim Voxx

Bass Drums Vocals Guitar


"We write music about the way we feel. This could be anything. At the end it's always Skew Siskin music with sarcastic, honest or fragile lyrics, right in your face!


We are very down-to-earth people, yet crazy enough to catch the certain sparkle that adds extra "fun" to each song. Sometimes it's a healing feeling to just look at things with a very dark sense of humour! That's what we do when too much shit is goin' on always, everyday and everywhere. But in order to survive, you've gotta keep a distance from it as often as you can, or it eats you up.


Our attitude towards many things is pretty obvious! If you listen closely and read between the lines, you'll realise that we aren't really diplomatic about a lot of things. We're actually pretty frank and bold, which is not only to entertain ourselves, it's another level of dealing with situations. Sarcasm is a good way to flip up the finger to many things without saying it too directly all the time.


You may think we're a bunch of crazy hawks, and damn right you are, but if you can't keep your foot on the ground, you're a loony and a sad sack. The whole sarcasm thing came to us because we can't take EVERYTHING too seriously. It's very important for us to write really good songs and survive the fast changing trends! We are a Rock 'n' Roll band.


We got together to put the ROLL back into ROCK, if you know what that means. We don't try to reinvent Rock 'n' Roll music.

This IS real heavy Rock 'n' Roll music!











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